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Automobile Accidents

Southern Maryland Automobile Accident Attorneys
Representing Automobile Accident Victims in Charles County, Calvert County, St. Mary's County,
and Prince George's County

The population explosion in Southern Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the Washington DC area has led to our area's roads becoming more congested and more dangerous for drivers, passengers, motorcycle riders, cyclists, and pedestrians.  Local motorists and residents compete for space with commuters and visitors, all of which can lead to traffic snarls, intense rush-hours, frustrated drivers - and serious motor vehicle crashes.

There is a popular saying that "accidents happen", but is that really true?  In reality accidents are often caused by negligent or careless behavior.  If you have been injured in a serious auto accident and are looking for help from a personal injury attorney, you already know first-hand that accidents don't just "happen".

Personal, Dedicated Help for Auto Accident Victims

Born and raised in Charles County, Maryland; La Plata based attorney William Greer is intimately familiar with the roads, highways and bridges traveled by area motorists every day.  Serving the area since 1991 he has seen first-hand how traffic congestion and careless drivers contribute to crashes that leave victims debilitated and struggling to make ends meet.  Mr. Greer also knows how hard it can be for accident victims to secure fair compensation from insurance companies after a collision.

Four Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

To help in your search for the best lawyer for your auto accident case, consider these four questions:

  1. What kind of auto accident cases have you handled?  You want to be sure that your lawyer has tried cases similar to yours so they aren't "learning on the job".  Since 1991 William Greer has successfully handled a wide variety of cases in Southern Maryland for car, truck, tractor trailer, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, and DUI accident victims.
  2. How do you decide what cases to accept?  Some law firms try to attract easy cases that they can settle quickly because they make money on volume.  William Greer prefers to carefully select a limited number and type of automobile accident cases to ensure that he can concentrate on his clients and be successful in securing the maximum recovery possible.
  3. Who will handle my case?  Watch out for firms that hand your case over to a paralegal or junior associate.  A solo practitioner like Mr. Greer can afford to personally handle all aspects of your case, ensuring that you benefit from his years of experience and legal savvy.
  4. Do you prefer to settle cases rather than go to trial?  Many firms prefer to quickly settle cases rather than be drawn into a protracted battle with the insurance company.  You may be okay with this, but if you would rather fight for fair compensation then you deserve a lawyer like William Greer.  Mr. Greer does not shy away from standing up to the insurance company and is always willing to take your case to trial to get the results you want.

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